Roxanne’s lust for jewels goes beyond designing and making her collection for Goldie Rox Jewelley: over the years she has worked privately for a select group of clients and friends to create pieces with a unique personal significance. Whether designing engagement rings or remodeling heirloom pieces, this work often involves pieces with huge meaning and resonance so a genuine relationship with the jeweller is vital to ensuring these cherished stories are captured honestly. Roxanne well understands this and would not have it any other way; it is essential to her process as a designer and diamond expert. A wealth of experience in the trade, where throughout her career she has been entrusted with jewellery of exceptional value, make hers some of the safest hands in the business. Roxanne’s expertise, traditional values and contemporary outlook make her a rare and valuable guide and counsellor. Her discerning eye and golden touch make her the perfect family jeweller.