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Remodelling Stories

Jewellery is so sentimental, telling a thousand stories, but I understand that tastes change and times move on. I believe in holding on to the sentiment of heirloom pieces and so have created a service to carefully rework unloved or forgotten about jewels. Whether it’s a family heirloom or just something that’s been gathering dust in the sock drawer or safe, together we can turn it into something sustainable, stylish, and every bit as sentimental as the original. 

Marking those momentous occasions

A series of  stories written by the some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the jewellery industry

What does sentimental jewellery mean to me?

It was no larger than a small, sugared almond. I remember the ferrous taste of the gold in my mouth from the countless times that I sucked on this pendant that hung around my neck. The glassy cabochon felt blissfully familiar on my tongue until my Grandma tugged gently on the chain, pulling me out of my daydream: “Don’t put it in your mouth! You’ll swallow it and then what will your mum say?”

Offering artisanal & small scale miners more opportunities


"We believe in holding on to that sentiment and reworking family heirlooms, old pieces, and unloved jewellery"


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