Wedding Photographer

On Love Photography

Photographers Giulia & Ben were wonderful to work with. It was such a joy having them at our wedding, they managed to capture my family and friends so beautifully. They didn't get in the way - in fact they felt like part of the family. They made us feel at ease, and knew all the shots we would want. They are super talented. I highly recommend having them at your special day.


Make Up Artist

Olivia Newman-Young

I have worked with Olivia for years for various projects - not only did I entrust her to do my make up for my wedding, I have also worked with her for campaigns and model shoots. She makes you feel the best you, she is super talented and is such a wonderful person to be around. 

Olivia N-Y.jpg


Sally Potterton

After our wedding everyone asked who the Violinist was, because she is incredible. Most people thought the beautiful sound was coming from the sound system, until take spotted Sally... then everyone stopped in their tracks in awe of her incredible talent. She really made the music at the wedding so special. I highly recommend her. 

Sally Potterton.jpg

Family Portraiture

Whipper Snaps Photography

Chloe, photographer, and mother of two under two understands the importance of family and capturing special moments. In the digital age it is so important to have beautiful tangible photos to mark special milestones in life. Chloe agrees "where I used to keep banks and banks of digital images, it has become more apparent to me; the importance of printing. Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed on walls and in books and not hidden away on hard drives in cupboards! Glossed over on a screen, but in pride of place at home and in the right frame, they come alive!" 

For all your family photo need get in touch with Chloe at Whipper Snaps!

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