My lovely client Alice came to me with an old ring that had belonged to her grandmother – it was the ring her grandfather had proposed to her with. Alice and I met up and discussed her grandparents’ journey, their life together so far, and her relationship with them.


 Alice’s 30th was soon approaching and she had been given the ring by her mother so that she could recreate something special for her 30th. We discussed what type of jewellery she likes to wear, and decided to make a pendant. With all the information gathered, I went away to start working on design.

When working on a piece like this, I try to consider the original purpose of the piece, where the stones came from, and what it signifies both to the original wearer as well as to the current wearer.


For this particular piece, I really wanted to shine light on the fact that Alice was turning 30. It's quite a big milestone (in my opinion) and I well recall my experience with Saturn’s Return (google it) as I approached 30. I wanted to reflect the magnitude of this shift into the piece.

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